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Eric Michael
Property Management
Atlas NYC Property Management, LLC
P.O. Box 150366
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Eric is a Property Manager and Consultant with 12+ years experience managing and advising residential rental, condominium, cooperative, and mixed-use buildings in the New York City Area, as well as a strong background in commercial litigation and real estate fraud litigation at some of NYC’s top firms. Eric’s practical, hands-on experience allows him to performing traditional, full-service management for all property needs, and his strong legal background and knowledge of rent regulation rules, tax laws, and other government regulations allows Eric to implement tailor-made cost-savings and income-maximization strategies to increase both current income and overall property value. Strategies include advising property owners how to take advantage of various tax rules to minimize tax liability as well as developing long-term plans to increase rent over time by utilizing rent regulation laws to convert rent stabilized apartments to free-market apartments.

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