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What Is MNG?

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Formed in mid-2007, MNG has grown rapidly, with new groups opening regularly. MNG was formed by business professionals with years of experience in both local and national networking organizations. The MNG founders were dissatisfied with the networking groups they were participating in and wanted to build networking groups that would suit their needs and the needs of their friends and contacts. Taking the most positive components of networking, MNG has developed a highly effective and rapidly growing philosophy. With each group meeting twice a month, MNG stresses the importance of getting to know your networking colleagues and their businesses both in group meetings and through external one-on-one meetings, which are critical to your business’ success. Our bi-monthly group meetings allow for sufficient time to plan and meet with many other members who also want to be successful.

How Is MNG Different?

MNG offers a relaxed, comfortable, no-pressure atmosphere in which to meet members and guests and form long-lasting business relationships and new friendships. In addition, MNG:

  • Is priced significantly less than other networking groups – and you get the same or more value
  • Allows for casual networking before and after meetings
  • Doesn’t demand you provide referrals to other members (MNG wants genuine referrals to take place)
  • Doesn’t berate you if you miss a meeting or need to take a hiatus for business or personal reasons (MNG groups are as strong as their members!)
  • Allows for members to visit other groups, other than their assigned group (Once you’re a member, you can visit as many groups as you wish.)
  • Provides for collective brain storming sessions to pool the composite knowledge of the members
  • Holds group meetings in the evenings, after work.
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