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When Does MNG Meet? What Happens at a Meeting?

All MNG meetings are held twice a month in the evenings, after work (no getting up at the crack of dawn). We feel that this approach allows you the frequency necessary to get to know the members and the time in between to get to know the members better on an individual basis. To find out where and when the meetings are held check out our calendar or search by a group.

Meetings, which generally last 90 minutes, begin promptly at 6:00 PM with casual networking; the group meeting starts at 6:30 (sharp!) with members and guests introducing themselves and their businesses with a 90-second elevator pitch; then thank yous and kudos to/from members; and at approximately 7:20, the brainstorming session begins. By 7:35, the meeting concludes and there’s additional time for casual networking. At MNG meetings, you will find a relaxed, comfortable, no-pressure atmosphere and genuine long-term business connections as well as new friends.

MNG also creates and sponsors membership events once per quarter.

What Do I Need to Bring to a Meeting?

Other than yourself, please bring about 45 business cards and a 90-second elevator pitch about your business. Please include what types of referrals are good for you to work with, so the members of the group can begin to help you immediately. In addition, if you are going to have a drink or a meal, please be sure to bring enough money for whatever you’d like. (Paying individually for our own food/drink helps MNG keep membership dues down and also supports the establishment where we hold our meetings.)

How Do I Become a Member?

If you cannot find an MNG group to participate in due to conflict of business, don’t despair. More MNG groups will be formed, and we will be happy to include you in the formation of those groups.

Please email us for more information:

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