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Member Benefits

  • Increased Business Leads
  • Friendly and Professional Atmosphere
  • Access to Leaders in Various Industries
  • Cooperation and Collaboration
  • Build Strategic Alliances

How Do I Become a Member?

We encourage prospective members to visit at least two of our group meetings to get a feel for the members and find out if our environment is right for you. Members are assigned to a particular group according to their industry, but members may visit and support other groups as often as they wish. (If more than one similar industry is represented in a group – for example, two residential real estate people – we’ll ask one of the members to participate in another group in order to discourage competition between members and maximize networking capabilities. But, we are happy to have two members who are in the same industry but handle different areas – for example, a commercial and a residential real estate person. It helps in creating strategic alliances and partnerships.

As you are networking in NYC or Westchester, consider joining us.

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