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MNG works! Just ask our members.

Our philosophy is all about camaraderie and cooperation. Many of us have similar clients that we are looking for, so why look alone? Aren’t two heads better than one? Isn’t it better to bring a one-stop-shop atmosphere to a potential client than have them search for additional partners in order to complete their project?

Our goal is to work together to find leads, not just pass referral leads on to other members or guests. Through collaboration via the creation of partnerships and strategic alliances, businesses can be taken to the next level.

We ask our members to create micro-groups which will work together to target potential clients, create projects and market their services as a group in order to successfully gain clients that they might not otherwise have been able to work with if working alone.

Another part of our philosophy is that we all have business problems and questions: what better way to solve these issues than to have 25-30 other people with similar concerns brainstorm ideas to help you come up with a solution? MNG members have learned to use the group to their advantage, not just show up and hand out business cards.

At MNG we have goals for all of our members. We want each of our members to:

  • Create Strategic Alliances
  • Create Business Partnerships
  • Expand their Personal and Professional Network
  • Get Business Leads
  • Build and Nurture Long-Term Business Relationships
  • Make New and Long-Lasting Friendships
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