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Tony Carnesi

Business Improvement Specialist Do-Be Associates
Work Phone: 917-716-5913 Website: Do-Be-Associates Website

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I am the “DO” side of the Do-Be Associates. As a business improvement specialist, I work with business owners, leadership teams, and managers on what they need to do in order to achieve business success. While Brian Gorman (hyperlink to his profile if possible) focuses on who you need to be, my focus is on ensuring that you have in place and are applying the policies, procedures, and best practices that will help your business achieve its potential. As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), I bring deep insights into “what the numbers tell you.” And, as an experienced business improvement specialist I am able to guide you in putting in place and strengthening the infrastructure you need to achieve your business vision. My experience includes working with clients such as Ricola and Harry Winston as well as many smaller businesses. I am also a TAB (The Alternative Board) facilitator.

The Do-Be Associates serve our clients through business development consulting, 1:1 coaching, TAB Boards, and Do-Be team consulting/coaching.

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